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At Baldyne Engineering Services we have an onsite engine balancing machine to allow us to provide a range of services aimed at extending the life of your vehicle. If you want to overhaul your engine, call our team and organise your engine machining service today.

Everything under one roof...

With a wide breadth of engine repair knowledge, our skilled engineers can provide a variety of engine repairs for your vehicle under one roof.


We also provide free quotes on our work, can order specialist parts and fully guarantee all of our work. We welcome all makes and model of car including: Jaguar, Ford, BMC, MG and Rootes.

Engine Machining Services:

• Surface grinding cylinder heads

• Recondition cylinder heads

Engine rebuilding

• Engine balancing

• Rebore and honing of engine bores

• Cam bearings fitted

• Crankshaft grinding and supply of bearings

• Turning and milling of all metals

Metal fabrication

• Lightening of flywheels

Extend the Life of your Engine

Keep your engine running for longer with our engine machining services:

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