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Restore your engine to its former glory...

Is your engine beginning to show signs of damage? A broken vehicle is a major inconvenience when you need to be on the road, potentially losing you time and money. To get back on the road ASAP come to Baldyne Engineering Services and let our expert engineers repair your engine.

Do you own a classic car and want to have the engine restored by an experienced and professional engine specialist? Our skilled engineers can restore, recondition and modify your vehicle's engine, ensuring you maximise the potential of your machine. We also have the expertise to repair aircraft engines.

Maximise your engine's performance

There are many ways to maximise your vehicle's performance, one of those is by modifying the engine.


If you race vehicles or just want to add an extra ten or fifteen percent to your vehicle's performance, visit our specialists and see how we can modify your engine.

Engine Repair Services:

• Engine restoration

• Engine repairs

• Engine modifications

Engine machining

Metal fabrication

• Professional welding

• Explore our engineering portfolio

Specialist Engine Repairs & Restoration in Orpington, Bromley, & Sidcup

Specialist Engine Repairs and Restorations from Skilled Engineers:

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