Inspection and Cleaning Services

Navigate through a spectrum of meticulous inspection and thorough cleaning services at Baldyne Engineering. Our offerings ensure the integrity, safety, and optimal performance of your machinery and equipment.

Our Inspection & Cleaning Services

Thermal Cleaning

Harness the power of heat to meticulously clean and revitalize your equipment.

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

Ensure structural integrity with our advanced non-destructive testing methods.

Sandblasting and Media Blasting

Achieve a pristine, corrosion-free surface with our sandblasting and media blasting services.

3 Step Process

Our Simple 3 step process ensures your project gets completed in a prompt and timely manner.


Discuss project specifics, goals, and challenges.

Step 1

Inspection & Cleaning:

Conduct a thorough inspection followed by tailored cleaning services.

Step 2

Implementation & Review:

Evaluate the results and collect client feedback for any further adjustments.

Step 3

Project Completion!

You will then be notified upon completion. We will then prepare for you to pick up or we will organise Drop-Off to a specified location.

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