Engine Performance & Modifications

Elevate your engine’s capabilities with our tailored performance enhancements and modifications, ensuring optimal power and efficiency.
Performance Engine

Our Performance & Modification Services

New Engine

Engine Modifications

Transform the core performance of your engine with our expert modifications, tailored to meet your specific needs and goals.

Engine Performance

Performance Engine Modifications

Unlock the full potential of your engine with modifications aimed at boosting its performance to achieve enhanced power and efficiency.

Valve Seal

Custom Valve Guide Manufacturing / Installation

Experience precision with our custom valve guide manufacturing and installation services, ensuring optimal valve alignment and performance.

Engine Head

Valve Seat Installation

Enhance engine efficiency with professional valve seat installation, ensuring a perfect seal and improved combustion efficiency.


Angle Milling and Resurfacing

Our angle milling and resurfacing services are designed to achieve precise surface finishes, promoting better sealing and performance.

Cylinder Head 4

Porting and Flow Testing

Maximize airflow and fuel distribution with our porting and flow testing services, crucial for optimizing engine performance.

Crank & Piston

Stroker Clearancing

Our stroker clearancing services ensure ample space for new, longer stroke crankshafts, contributing to increased engine displacement and performance.

Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal Installation

Enhance engine balance with our heavy metal installation services, crucial for high-performance engines operating at high speeds.

Engine Balance

Crankshaft Rotating Assembly Balancing

Our specialized service in rotating assembly balancing ensures that your engine operates smoothly, reducing wear and extending its lifespan.

New Engine 2

Complete Balancing Services

Achieve smoother engine operation and extended lifespan with our comprehensive balancing services, ensuring harmonized internal movements.

Old Crank Shaft

Crankshaft Balancing

Ensure optimal engine performance and longevity with precise crankshaft balancing, reducing vibration and promoting smoother operation.

3 Step Process

Our Simple 3 step process ensures your project gets completed in a prompt and timely manner.

Personalised Consultation:

We begin with a personalized consultation to understand your performance goals, followed by a thorough assessment of your engine to determine the suitable modifications required.

Step 1

Precision Modification and Installation:

Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and skilled technicians, we execute precision modifications and installations to enhance your engine’s performance and efficiency.

Step 2

Performance Testing and Quality Assurance:

Post-modification, we conduct rigorous performance testing and quality assurance checks to ensure that the modifications meet the desired performance benchmarks.

Step 3

Project Completion!

You will then be notified upon completion. We will then prepare for you to pick up or we will organise Drop-Off to a specified location.

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