Marine Services & Fabrication

Bespoke marine services and fabrication, designed to enhance performance, efficiency, and reliability. Located in Bromley, Greater London area.

Our Marine Services


Inboard & Outboard Servicing

Marine Inboard & Outboard Servicing & Maintenance. Ensure the highest level of performance and reliability for your marine power-plant.

Marine Hull

Boat Hull Repair and Maintenance

Focusing on the structural integrity of boats, including fiberglass repair, welding, and anti-fouling treatments.


Electrical Systems & Navigation

Installation, repair, and maintenance of marine electrical systems, including navigation systems, lighting, and battery systems.


Composite & Advanced Composite Repairs & Manufacturing

Repairs/ Manufacturing of Fiberglass (S-Glass/E-Glass), Carbon Fibre, Honeycomb Structure, Core Materials, and gelcoats.


Custom Metal Fabrication

Creating custom metal parts for boats, such as railings, brackets, and hull plates, using materials like stainless steel and aluminum.


Custom Interior Fabrication

Designing and fabricating custom interiors for boats, including cabinetry, seating, and storage solutions.

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