Rod & Piston Work

Embark on a journey of enhanced performance and longevity with Baldyne Engineering Services' meticulous Rod & Piston Work. Our comprehensive suite of services is tailored to address the core aspects of rod and piston functionality, ensuring your engine operates with optimal efficiency and power. With a blend of seasoned expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, we deliver precision workmanship that stands the test of time. Engage with us and elevate the heart of your engine to new performance horizons.

Our Rod & Piston Services

Magnetic Particle Inspection

Unearth any surface or subsurface discontinuities in ferrous materials with our precise magnetic particle inspection service, ensuring the structural integrity of your rods and other engine components.

Rod Resizing

Our rod resizing services ensure that your connecting rods are of accurate dimensions, promoting optimal alignment and functionality which in turn enhances engine performance and longevity.

Rod Bushing

Restore the original specifications or upgrade the bushings of your rods with our proficient rod bushing services, ensuring smooth operation and prolonged component lifespan.

Piston Notching

Our piston notching services are tailored to create precise valve reliefs, enhancing clearance and preventing any potential interference, thus contributing to the overall engine efficiency.

Pin Fitting

Ensure a precise fit between your pistons and pins with our meticulous pin fitting services, promoting optimal functionality and reducing undue wear.

Piston Skirt Coating

Enhance the lifespan and performance of your pistons with our piston skirt coating services, reducing friction and promoting smoother operation within the cylinder.

3 Step Process

Our Simple 3 step process ensures your project gets completed in a prompt and timely manner.

Comprehensive Consultation and Analysis:

Dive into a detailed consultation to understand your rod and piston work needs, followed by a thorough analysis of your engine components to devise a meticulous plan for the ensuing tasks.

Step 1

Precision Execution:

With a blend of seasoned expertise and cutting-edge equipment, we execute the rod and piston tasks with utmost precision, adhering to the highest quality standards to ensure superior results.

Step 2

Rigorous Quality Assurance and Inspection:

Post execution, we conduct a rigorous quality assurance process and inspection to ensure that all work aligns with the specified requirements and industry standards

Step 3

Project Completion!

You will then be notified upon completion. We will then prepare for you to pick up or we will organise Drop-Off to a specified location.

Ready to elevate the core of your engine with superior rod & piston work? Reach out to the experts at Baldyne Engineering Services.

We proudly serve Bromley, Sidcup, Orpington, Bexley, and other nearby areas. For customers outside our immediate service area, we are happy to organize transportation to facilitate your rod & piston work needs. Your journey towards optimal engine performance is just a call away!call away!modification needs. Your journey towards an optimized engine performance is just a call away!

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